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Security Notice

Personal information about amateur radio operators is widely available all over the Internet. One only has to look at the FCC,, Callbook, and Buckmaster sites, to mention a few, to discover that hams have the least guarantee of privacy of anyone on the Internet.

And yet, we at Global QSL do not publish listings of our users, their addresses, their e-mail addresses, or any other information.

We will never misuse any part of info supplied by you, or about you, further more we would like emphasis our commitment to you and your privacy and in no any circumstances will move from our strict guideline.

We believe people have a right to privacy!

Spamming is a growing problem on the Internet, and we will not contribute to it.

Thus, we have established certain guidelines for everything we do on this web site:

  • The only information we have about you is that which you give us.
  • We only use your personal information to print your Global QSL card.
  • We do not provide your personal information to anyone else.
  • We do not provide listings of your personal logbook.
  • Uploaded logs are kept secret & unaltered, this is our guarantee.
  • We do not give away, rent, or sell mailing lists of names, addresses, or email addresses.
  • All customers are subscribed until you ask to be removed.
  • We store all information in a protected secure database.
  • SSL Payment system is secure, and verified by the CREDIT CARD COMPANY.

Logbooks are not published, so the only person who will see your Global QSL cards or info is the person you are sending it to. We verify the originality of your uploaded log.

Patent (exclusive rights) on most aspects of the Global QSL technology.
If you find another online system similar to ours, let us know. It is probably infringing on our patent.

Send questions, comments or trouble reports to the Webmaster:


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