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How it works?

Due to technical improvements in the printing industry, and "high tech" modern technology and facilities used by Global QSL, allows us to give you an unprecedented service. All you have to do is subscribe, design your personal QSL card and upload your electronic logbook, or enter your QSO's manually.

Global QSL does the rest.

You need no more write QSL cards or print labels. Don't sort your out-going cards, no more trips to the out-going and in-coming QSL bureau. You only pay for the amount you use, no loss of cards. Don't waste time, enjoy ham radio and the fun of getting QSL cards without the burden of writing them.

Further more!

You can design, print, send, receive, navigate and follow up on your Global QSL cards, on the same web site.

You can manage up to ten call signs and create unique graphic designs and profiles for each one of them.

You can change your graphic design any time by yourself, on-line. And undelivered cards will be printed with the new design. (For example: Your new antenna  station setup images, or field day operation. Any one of your favorite images is a good start to a new QSL card design).

You can define the way you want to get your incoming Global QSL cards.

You can see a full report of your incoming and outgoing Global QSL cards according a date system.

You save money with our multi QSO Global QSL cards, up to five QSO's with same station on one card.

Your cards are printed in full color on both sides, while you pay only for one side.

In case you move to another QTH or relocate temporarily, don't worry, all you have to do is to inform us, about the nearest bureau in your new area and your incoming cards will follow you. This action takes less than two minutes on our website.

Visualize the power on your finger tips, enter into the new era of Global QSL.

Are you ready to explore?

Join to the pioneers and boost your QSL speed, design, flexibility, and widen your options.

When you subscribe to our Global QSL cards service, you purchase the printing of color QSL cards on a 300gr luxury chromo paper, including QSO info printed on it.
Glossy laminated on front side gives your cards a smart and professional look.
As well as shipment of your cards to the other side of the globe.

On your side you are eligible to get your Incoming QSL to your local bureau or your QSL manager with out any charge. (the shipments are paid by your QSO stations from the other side of the globe).

You can get your incoming cards direct to your QTH. This service is unique to Global QSL. One hundred cards for shipment and our automatic system will send it to you with out human handling.

Send questions, comments or trouble reports to the Webmaster:

How to start?

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