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  1. What is Graphic Editor?
  2. How I can get Graphic Editor?
  3. How can I design and upload my QSL card?
  4. What is a ".gde" file?
  5. What is an activation code and how I can get it?
  6. How frequent I have to change my activation code?
  7. I don't have any idea how to design my own Global QSL card? Do you have tutorial how to use Graphic Editor?
  8. I started to design my card and I need help, how can you help me?
  9. I have already designed a card with another program, how I can use it?
  10. I am working with other designing programs, is it possible to work with both?
  11. Do you accept pre-designed cards?
  12. Can you design my card?
  13. How can I see my own qsl?


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